This is a Video Reenactment of a Statement made by the Late Mr. Egide Plourde on December 22, 2009. This statement was to back up and to further explain the paper statement made in prison 22 hours earlier. The leading of the witness is on the bizarre and very disturbing. Mr. Plourde died of his cancer only hours after his release; he was release after this video statement. The 27:25 minute mark is where the video is about the police trying to frame/set up Peter Sagos, again this all happened 78 days after my illegal arrest and with no evidence against me. There is still no evidence against me in this case, because it’s a manufactured-fake case! This proves that bermuda is a gangster and felonious state. This case isn’t about drugs or money, it’s about multiple kidnappings, a murder, a framing, the cover up and the Canadian government/police violating a citizens’ rights/freedoms for more than 9 years and still counting… The Canadian authorities refuse to face the facts. Rory Field and his supporting dogs in bermuda and Canada are criminals, kidnappers and murderers! It’s unfortunate that Canadian police enforcement agencies did not go to bermurder for the facts in this “case”. You import, you better make sure it’s a real case!!!!!

Transcripts of this Video Statement made by the Late Mr. Egide Plourde on December 22, 2009.

Egide Plourde Video Transcript on day of Release from Bermuda Police


Legal argument on why the written statement plus this video statement can not be used in court. I never knew this argument existed until I received my disclosure on May 11, 2015. By the way this was the only statement against me and it was created by the lawyer and the police in Bermuda and forced a dying man to sign it, again everything illegal. Bermuda is a dangerous place, filled with savages in all of the highest levels in their government and legal systems. They do not practice any forms of law, it’s make believe in that land.

Preliminary Inquiry March 1, 2010 including Judges ruling