Privacy Commissioner Canada


Released date for this information for all to view: September 20, 2017.

Here is the lead up to my well-founded letter and the continuing correspondence with this Canadian Government agency. They mean well, but they really do not have the necessary powers to help Canadian citizens. This is the reason for the law suit against the RCMP/OPS and the only way to retrieve what I seeded to the RCMP/OPS informants. They are holding my evidence that I need to prove my case. The thing is this, that the evidence against me is actually my evidence against them. I wonder what was the amount of tax dollars waisted on investigating me?


Here is what I want: I want it all… The names of the investigators, the name of Evan Van Roons handler at the RCMP/OPS, all the dates, times of all the email correspondence in the RCMP/OPS office dealing with me and all those emails, the written notes from the officers, the technology used for surveillance, the warrant requests made to the judge or judges that allowed for this surveillance to happen, all the questions that the Privacy commission investigators have asked and anything and all to where the RCMP/OPS has shared this information with… what other countries????? Concerning this file… I have seen its front page because it was already used against me in bail proceedings. It’s time to come clean RCMP/OPS and admit to your crimes against me and other Canadian Citizens. This won’t be pretty, but it needs to happen, so this will never happen again to any other Canadian citizen! Stephen Harper is the reason for this…Bill C-51.


Question for you RCMP/OPS: What is the process of your due diligence on cases that happen over seas/other jurisdictions?

I bet you guys do not even have one… How can a Canadian citizen have any rights or freedoms in other countries/jurisdictions. How can CSIS/RCMP/Global Affairs guarantee that any Canadian citizens rights are kept in other countries court houses? They can’t and any form of Bill C-51 is a joke! The liberals are thinking of introducing a reformed Bill C-51, re-branded to Bill C-59. It’s all the same… No rights or freedoms and the complete disregard for our Constitution. STOP THIS MADNESS NOW!!

Released on September 17, 2017 – Ten Things You Need to Know About Bill C-59 – Link to Article. Canadian Civil Liberties Association

10 pages 3MB takes a moment or two to download.

Access to information and privacy office correspondence


Some email correspondence with the investigators at the Privacy Commission. Not all but some, so you can see what’s happening.

9 pages 3MB takes a moment or two to download.

some email correspondence with the investigators at the privacy


Released on September 21, 2017

Privacy commissioner aims to start more investigations rather than wait for complaints. Link to article. CBC News.


Release due to Privacy Commissioners (ATIP) request process. September 25, 2017

Global Affairs released the correspondence with my family and I during this period. There is more here in the file that they have not released, but hopefully the judge will open up all of their hidden databases and release what I have been demanding!

This is the day of December 23, 2009. The day after my court appearance when subair hands over a manufactured statement created by the Bermuda police service. FYI, I was re-charged (double jeopardy) for money laundering and proceeds of crime, 118 days after my arrest.

December 23 2009 communication with CANADIAN consulate


Released in October 2017. Update on file February 7, 2018

Occurrence details of my encounter with OPS/RCMP/bermuda on May 7, 2015. I have this encounter digitally recorded. This is why they released partial disclosure on this occurrence. Still missing 10 pages from this file for now! Really who knows what they will release or if they will release everything or delete it… Pages 1 to 7 is the bullshit from bermuda’s fake DPP officer Cindy Clarke, RCMP/OPS officers, BTW Cindy Clarke has never been Head of the DPP in bermuda in 2015. Rory Field was still head of this department. Pages 8 to 16 has been refused for release. Pages 17 to 20 are alleged emails I sent to shade subair. Pages 21 to 25 are the fake manufactured facts from bermuda’s courts. Pages 26 to 45 are newspaper clippings from the royal gazette and on top of that one of the articles is missing 5 pages from it… In this article named Bermuda Shorts Dated January 8, 2010 Egide Plourde lawyer outlined that he was full of cancer and was frail and weak… Pages 46 to 56 more alleged email I sent to former lawyer in bermuda. Pages 57 to 58 refused for release.

Occurrence details of my encounter with OPS RCMP bermuda on may 7 2015


Released on November 16, 2017

My first request for information as replied by the Ottawa Police Service through the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (ATIP request). This is where I further confirm that the Ottawa Police Service is conspiring with the kidnappers and murders in bermuda. I placed a law suit on bermuda in the Ontario Superior Court at 161 Elgin street in May of 2016. Court File No.: 16-68595. The response to my law suit was this: “The Notice to the Plaintiff raised this Court’s lack of any apparent jurisdiction over these claims”. There are currently more then a few law suits pending in Ontario Superior Court on suing other countries, for human rights violations, etc… but I am not allowed yet to sue bermuda in these courts.

Nov 16, 2017 response to my ATIP request


Released on January 14, 2018

My second request for information as replied by the Ottawa Police Service through the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (ATIP request). This is for the encounter with an Ottawa Police Informant Yianni Papadolias on October 22, 2017 between the hours of 12:43am to 1:00am on the corner of Elgin St. and Lisgar St. plus other matters that happened earlier in that week. I have placed an appeal because this is completely unacceptable. They talk about the fear of making premature disclosure of records that may interfere if the matter goes to trial. That is exactly why they should be making disclosure. It seems they are hiding behind some unresponsive aspect that precludes freedom of information. They then quote that the personal information is highly sensitive and impact an individual. Disclosure might damage the reputation of a person referred to in the record. Again, this seems to be the very reason why the matter should be disclosed.

January 8 2018 Access to information denied request


Released on January 26, 2018

Does Google have it wrong? Canada’s privacy commissioner makes case for scrubbing inaccurate search results. Link to Article. CBC News.

Match the EU, Canada.


Update: February 23, 2018

Working with Representatives from the IPCO to try to release the OPS database to me as it’s my right as a Canadian Citizen. No was their response and the IPCO has hit their limits, unless I move with a Judicial Appeal… I decided to move forward with a Judicial Appeal. The RCMP had released on February 7, 2018 the above file that they have on me and its newspaper clippings and some emails I allegedly sent to one of my former lawyers. No facts from bermuda’s courts besides their information of a “charge sheet”. Completely unacceptable! Where are the court archives (shade subair controls the supreme court archives now) and the two video’s that belong to this case? 1. my police interrogation on October 6, 2009. Tape reference number WST/2009/0108 and 2. Egide Plourde witness statement on December 22, 2009. Tape reference number WST/2009/0159?


CSIS/RCMP/OPS work for Canadian Citizens and not for corrupt foreign actors and idiot Canadian lawyers.


Release Date March 20, 2018.
Judicial Review (MA17-630-2) for the illegal gathered information housed in the Ottawa Police Service Database.
Waiting on their decision…

Judicial Review for release of info for Appeal MA17-630-2


Release Date March 20, 2018.
Judicial Review (MA18-37) for the illegal gathered information housed in the Ottawa Police Service Database.
Waiting on their decision…

Judicial review for releaseof info for Appeal MA18-37



There is more information housed in the RCMP/CSIS/OPS databases that they are not willing to admit too.
Just look at this case…
On eve of Ottawa terrorism trial, RCMP still working on disclosure. Click for Article. Ottawa Citizen